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Who Is Mr. Immortal In Marvel Comics?

By Mohit Srivastava
September 23,2022

The latest She-Hulk episode “Just Jen”, introduced another Marvel character called as – Mr. Immortal. The character has been one of the secondary characters in comics but he is extremely powerful. However, his debut in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) may or may not light a path for a brighter future. Let’s look into who this character is and what might be his future in MCU…if there is one!

Who is Mr. Immortal in comics?

Mr. Immortal

Created by John Byrne, Mr. Immortal made his first appearance in West Coast Avengers (Vol. 2) #46 in 1989. He is the founder of a subsidiary superhero organization known as Great Lakes Avengers (GLA) in WisconsinWith his real name Craig Hollis, he soon discovers that his origin belongs to supreme-powered beings known as – Homo supremes. His superpower is that how much he tries, he can never die.

Ever since his birth, Craig had visions of a cosmic entity called “Deathurge” (or “D’urge”, as he would call him). His parents – Audrey Hollis and Edward Hollis thought him to be his imaginary friend. At eight, with a suggestion from Deathurge, Craig burned his house down which killed his father. Later, Craig was adopted by Mr. O’Doughan who was very abusive to him. But, at his foster home, he fell in love with his foster sister- Terri. However, soon after turning an adult, Terri committed suicide. Grief-stricken, Craig jumped off a building. It was then he discovered that he cannot die.

Even after many future suicide efforts, he failed to kill himself. Then he takes the mantle of Mr. Immortal. Later, he decides to form and mentor a superhero team and make good use of his abilities. Then he formed the Great Lakes Avengers. The team consisted of – Flatman, Doorman, Big Bertha, Dinah Soar, and Leather Boy. According to the comics, Mr. Immortal could be the last being alive at the death of our universe, and someone who could potentially become the Galactus of the next cosmos.

Who is Mr. immortal in MCU?

Mr. Immortal as seen in She Hulk

In the MCU however, Mr. Immortal (David Pasquesi) has seemingly been just reduced to a slight nod to its comics counterpart. The character made his live-action debut recently in the sixth episode of She-Hulk titled “Just Jen”. In this episode, Craig Hollis aka Mr. Immortal, ever since discovering that he had the superhero power of immortality, decides to marry different women until he gets bored of them and decides to commit suicide and change his identity.

While She-Hulk is busy attending her best friend’s wedding, Craig comes to Mellory Brooke of GLK&H. He explains he’s been married several times, and he’s a “good guy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.” He says that he would need her help with his divorce, as he’s worried the settlement could bleed him dry. By the end of the episode, however, he comes face to face with his past wives (and one husband), who want compensation for all of their wasted time and money. He eventually agrees to the settlement.

Does he have a future in MCU?

An Artist’s rendition of the Great Lakes Avengers

The character Mr. Immortal looks great in concept. But, the way the character has been introduced, just a case that too not handled by She-Hulk, things do not look very promising. His presence in the episode felt more like a filler plot device than something significant enough for MCU. His purpose presumably was only to show the expert-lawyer skills of Brooke, the cunningness of Nikki (She-Hulk’s friend), and probably introduce the audience to the name of a certain organization – Intelligencia. (For details on the Intelligencia click here) Maybe, as Marvel is slowly introducing X-Men and Young Avengers in MCU, he might pop somewhere in a future project. Who knows maybe in future we might get a live-action Great Lakes Avengers (GLA) team.

But when and where will we see Mr. Immortal again, that’s not sure. Maybe never. But one thing is sure, if Mr. Immortal existed in MCU, then probably he was the best candidate to snap his fingers with the infinity stones. He would not die, and our beloved Tony Stark would have been with us. Anyways, let’s see what time has in store for us. Till then, Peace off!

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