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Avengers Powers: Doctor Strange Sequel Settles One Major Debate

By Mabel Judith Andrady
May 16,2022

What is the debate about the Avengers powers? Finally, Marvel’s new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has arrived in theatres, and it finally settles the debate between Captain Marvel and the Scarlet Witch. Doctor Strange 2 officially pits Wanda Maximoff against Captain Marvel’s powers, following on from Marvel’s WandaVision that sparked the debate (even if the wielder is different than expected). There will be a clear winner at the end of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film’s brutal showdown.

WandaVision was split on whether Scarlet Witch or Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel was the better Avenger following their respective heroics in Avengers: Endgame’s final battle. Scarlet Witch agent Monica Rambeau claims that no one has come as close to killing Thanos as the Scarlet Witch and that she would have accomplished had the Mad Titan not fired on his own army in order to free himself from her power.

Proof Scarlet Witch Is The Most Powerful

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

FBI Agent Jimmy Woo, on the other hand, argued that Captain Marvel’s remarkable cosmic strength and power were just as close. It was eventually decided that both Avengers received their power and authority from the Infinity Stones, despite this interaction. The Mind Stone gave Wanda her powers, and Carol arrived thanks to the Space Stone. As a result, they appeared to be on equal footing.

Doctor Strange 2 finally provides an answer to the question of who would win after the Scarlet Witch was corrupted by the Darkhold and fought the Illuminati in the sequel with brutality. Monica’s mother Maria is Captain Marvel in this alternate Earth-838 universe, which suggests that she obtained powers from the Space Stone instead of Carol Danvers. Reed Richards’ Mr Fantastic and Inhuman King Black Bolt are among those who meet their demise at the hands of Wanda’s merciless vengeance. Captain Marvel of Earth-838 fought her hardest, but she was crushed beneath a massive statue by the Scarlet Witch, confirming that she is in fact the more powerful character.

Captain Marvel Vs. Scarlet Witch: What Are The Future Prospects?

Photon or Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Despite the fact that the person wielding the power was different, Maria Rambeau’s powers as Captain Marvel were identical to those of Earth-616’s original Captain Marvel. However, the showdown was notable because the Earth-616 Scarlet Witch was dream walking, effectively pulling all the strings of the Wanda of Earth-838 to fight the Illuminati. The Scarlet Witch’s ability to control the alternate Wanda didn’t seem to be diminished or enhanced, but she may have had to exert more mental effort to maintain control.

The tussle between the Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel, even though it didn’t happen in the way that was anticipated before Doctor Strange 2, is still impressive. Wanda’s willingness to kill shows how much she has been influenced by the Darkhold in her quest to reunite with her missing children. Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness answers the question of Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel in the midst of a film that admits to having a multiverse full of questions.

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