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Daemon Showed Why He Is the Best Character In House of the Dragon

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 12,2022

The pilot episode of “House of the Dragon” introduces us to a shady royal with a dangerously threatening appearance and a weak underbelly that leads him to do deeds that are not liked by the other members of the small council.

At the conclusion of the most recent episode, viewers were left with no doubt that Daemon Targaryen is the series’ most captivating character. Daemon possessed the innate characteristics of a victor from the start, however, he was also pushed along in his change by the acts of those around him.

Daemon Targaryen

Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon

Daemon Knew Otto’s Intention and Wanted To Save Viserys 

Otto Hightower disliked Daemon. He was well aware of Daemon’s reputation as a free spirit who was immune to persuasion and command. Otto cared deeply that Daemon does not succeed him in his role. The king’s influence was something he desperately sought, and he was willing to do everything to achieve it.

Otto used the opportunity to smear Daemon in Viserys’ eyes. Daemon was ordered to sail for Runestone after being exiled. Daemon harbored resentments against his brother as well, however, he had rarely voiced them until he was exiled. He had hoped that Viserys, would appreciate his worth one day. However, that did not occur.

Otto Hightower

Otto Hightower in House of the Dragon

Daemon shared what he hoped for and what he wanted. He longed for Viserys to recognize him as the King’s Hand. The prince was well aware that the pliable King was an easy target for the lords gathered in council.

He had no doubt that Otto was a cunning guy who would do whatever it took to secure his foothold in Westeros. Daemon just hoped to protect Viserys from his own ineptitude and weakness.

Rogue But Still Respect His King

In the second episode, we see that the prince still had a great deal of respect for Viserys when her visits Lord Corlys and accepts the latter’s offer to aid him in his struggle over stepstones. He assures Lord Corlys that Viserys and his differences do not give anyone the right to manipulate those differences for their own ends.

Further, he expresses his displeasure at Lord Corlys’s criticism of Viserys. In contrast, Viserys never acted in such a way. He had completely forgotten that he had his own blood in the military, preoccupied as he was with his own concerns.

Lord Corlys

Lord Corlys in House of the Dragon

In the War of Stepstones, Viserys never helped Daemon as well as Lord Corlys’ coalition. Daemon is profoundly saddened by his brother’s decision who was busy celebrating his son’s birthday. Even his bones were seething with rage.

He wanted to speak, but no one was around to listen. He desired to speak to Viserys and warn him that the King is a fool to put his faith in someone other than his family. When given the chance, those around him will skin him for their personal gain.

Daemon’s Unwavering Desire for Recognition

Daemon Targaryen

Daemon Targaryen at the Battle of Stepstones

Because of this long-simmering animosity, Daemon, like his famous conquering predecessor Aegon, turned into a savage brigand. A noble and magnanimous character was not what he had opted for; instead, he had gone for blood and gore. He had watched and prepared for his opportunity and was now going to take it by force. He had been made fun of, treated badly, and ignored for years. He was so consumed by rage that he didn’t give a damn about his own survival.

He was prepared to die, but he refused to accept any help from King’s Landing. He was desperate to discredit him and show that he didn’t require his support. Whether or not he would be able to make peace with Viserys in the coming days was uncertain, but he was certain that something deep inside him had shifted. After three years of war, he had changed significantly from his pre-battle self.

Daemon Targaryen

Daemon Targaryen soaked in blood after killing Crab Feeder

Daemon enters the Crabfeeder’s burrow as a soldier of the Targaryen dynasty but emerges as a warrior. In a cold and calculated act, he had dismembered the Triarchy’s supreme commander. Blood was plastered across his features. His Targaryen blood was meant to be thick and run deep. He was holding his Valyrian blade, Dark Sister, in the cursed land, beside a heap of corpses.

Daemon didn’t even utter a single word in the third episode, however, his savage and vicious expression showed us that this brutal conquer is the best character will ever see in the House of the Dragon.