Here’s How Violent Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Series Will Be

Fans will get their first look at Moon Knight when the series debuts on Disney+ in early 2022. Batman-like character is known for his brutality against his enemies. And so, viewers who saw the official first look of the show revealed on Disney+ Day got a taste of just how aggressive the series could be.

Before Sunrise veteran actor Ethan Hawke has also been cast in the series. The identity of the character he will play or the scope of his involvement in the story have yet to be revealed. However, it has been established that he will be the primary antagonist of Moon Knight. After wrapping up filming in early October, there’s a good chance that Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight will be the first series to air on Disney+ in 2022. His workload was more significant than any other project he had ever worked on.

However, he couldn’t wait to get to the set because he was so excited. On Disney+ Day, a short clip of Marc Spector in full Moon Knight outfit kneeling over someone and repeatedly hitting them was shown. There is no doubt that The Fist of Khonshu will live up to his reputation as one of the most brutal comic book heroes and anti-heroes of all time. The first look at the series’ action suggests as much.

Will it be a Bloody Show?

Geeks Worldwide Editor KC Walsh recently appeared on the Change My Mind podcast to talk about the latest MCU rumors. These included Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight’s rumored appearance. “Dark” and “hyper-violent,” are what Walsh used to describe the Disney+ series. Furthermore, he said that the most violent elements would come from Marc Spector and the Egyptian god Khonshu. On Ethan Hawke’s character, the scooper mentioned that he could play an antagonist:

Moon Knight is going to be this dark, violent, hyper-violent series where basically Marc Spector and the Egyptian god, Khonshu, and again, this is part of the series of ‘is this real or is he going insane.’ But, him and Khonshu are basically going around and taking out other people who have been inhabited by Egyptian gods. So, that meaning the main villain is going to be Sun King, who is more than likely Ethan Hawke.”

The Most Violent Marvel-Disney+ Show Yet

According to Welsh, it will be the most brutal series yet. He compares it to the famous John Walker scene in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This is where he brutally murdered a Flag-Smasher with the Captain America shield:

“I was told that there was blood. Like, they would be showing blood. I definitely think it’s going to be the most brutal. Even with things like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I imagine it’s going to be very much on the same line as the John Walker episode where he decapitated that guy.

The scooper talked about the character’s not a guy to shy away from violence. He further agreed with the podcast host that viewers couldn’t rule out decapitation:

I don’t think he’s going to be going around decapitating people, but Marc Spector’s not a guy to shy away from beating you… I think we see that in the trailer, right? We see him in the bathroom, everything’s shattered, there’s blood on the wall and he’s just pounding that guy’s face in.”

Marvel’s Bloodiest Project to Date?

Many comic book movies and television shows, like Zack Snyder’s Justice League and DC’s Titans, have grown more violent over time. Some have even received an R-rating or TV-MA rating. Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight could be the most violent MCU project yet. This is only so given Marc Spector’s bloody comic history and reputation as a mentally ill person. Walsh is probably correct. A big part of what makes Moon Knight so compelling is the way it depicts violence. This is something that Marvel Studios always strives to maintain in their films.

The series will premiere sometime in early 2022, most likely in February or March. The Marvel canon will be expanded even further with Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke making their MCU debuts. It will be similar to how Phase 4 already has.