Loki Theory: The Time Keepers' Are Lying To Mobius And Loki
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Loki Theory: The Time Keepers’ Are Lying To Mobius And Loki

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 21,2021

Only two episodes of Loki have aired till now, but the rollercoaster of insanity is only speeding up. From the titular God of Mischief’s tentative partnership with the Time Variance Authority to his faceoff with Sophia Di Martino’s possible Lady Loki, the show has been wildly unpredictable till now. 

“The Variant” surely did a lot more than its assigned job of developing a relationship between Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. After all, they did partner up to go after the Loki Variant. This pairing also helped viewers get more insight into the TVA and what they actually do. We have even teased some major decision-making relating to time-and-space mischiefs. 

All this led to a discussion on the elusive time-keepers and there was some interesting conversation about them between Mobius and Loki. So let us explore that in more detail below: 

Mobius, Time keepers and Loki

Decoded: The Conversation Between Mobius And Loki

In the 2nd episode of Marvel Studios’ Loki Disney+ series, titled “The Variant,” Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki find themselves discussing the Time-Keepers who keep a watch over not just the TVA but also all of existence. 

The conversation between the two begins with Mobius discussing what his duties are at the TVA. He said that it was to “protect what came before” everything in the current present. Along with this, he also mentioned the Time-Keepers. 

Mobius and Loki

Mobius and Loki

To quote Mobius, they are- “toiling away in their chambers” and working hard toward “untangling the epilogue” to various branches of the story.

As per Mobius, this entire scenario ends up in “no more Nexus events” as the entire world just witnesses “just order,” as everyone meets “in peace at the end of time.”

Here’s how the entire conversation goes, full verbatim :

Loki: “Oh, those lazy timekeepers, what are they waiting for?”

Mobius: “Au contraire. No, because while we protect what came before, they’re toiling away in their chamber untangling the epilogue to these infinite branches.”

Loki: “Ah, I see. So, when they’ve finished, what happens then?”

Mobius: “So are we. No more Nexus events. Just order, and we meet in peace at the end of time. Nice, right?”


Their conversation ends with the God of Mischief teasing a dark side of the TVA by commenting that “no one good is ever truly good.”  His full dialogue is- “You see, I know something that children don’t. That no one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.”

What Will Be The End Of The Loki Show? 

It’s safe to say that Loki’s plot is unpredictable. In fact, it’s the most unpredictable of all the shows that have aired in MCU’s Phase 4. But what makes Loki more fun is that it asks a question about free will and if it’s actually present within the MCU. 

After all, with the Time Variance Authority and the three Time-Keepers said to be in charge of overseeing each and everything in the present, future, and past; there’s no way to say with certainty that there’s free will in this universe. 


Loki’s insight about this issue could spell out some really upcoming dark times with the TVA even though Mobius doesn’t want to admit it. After all, TVA has the power to quite literally create realities. So since they have this immense power so it’s quite possible that there’s not even a single universe where they have done the right thing each and every time.  

Mobius could be explaining the entire situation to the God of Mischief in just the way he sees it to be true. Now, this probably means that this is how the people above him had explained it to him. So Loki’s remarks at the end of their conversation will surely make the TVA agent take a pause and think about who and what he has been involved with for this long. 

So it’s very much possible that the Time Keepers (and others) who are overseeing the TVA could be simply misleading their dedicated time-focused workers. Now, if this does turn out to be true, then it certainly won’t be shocking. After all, this series in itself full of twist-heavy mystery and narrative. 

But then the question is- why are these immensely powerful Time Keepers spending a large chunk of their time hiding things behind a curtain? Now, the most obvious answer is- control and power. But fans should expect more complex reasoning that will show these Keepers in a grey light rather than anything that’s fully black or white. 

Future Of Mobius And The Multiverse

There is another question that needs to be asked following this- Will Mobius defect from working with the TVA after he knows about the actual truth? Could he be Loki’s partner and help him take apart this organization that is all he has ever known? 

There are only 4 more episodes left to Loki and it’s pretty certain that the next episode won’t be exploring anymore the relationship that exists between Judge Renslayer and Mobius, and their higher-ups so that we can get some more answers. So it remains to be seen, just what kind of answers we will get at the end. 


As we said in the beginning, Loki’s content has set itself apart from the other Phase 4 content. Head writer Michael Waldron has even said that the events of the series will have far-reaching ramifications for each of the time-focused upcoming MCU titles. 

So fans should keep a lookout for what Loki tells and teases in the upcoming episodes as that could give hints of what ends up happening in future movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man: No Way Home, etc. Also, Mobius is shaping up to be a crucial factor in Loki as he tries to navigate this madness and find his place within it. 

With just 4 episodes left, it remains to be seen how Loki wraps up and ties its plot threads together. But we think that this solo adventure of the God of Mischief will leave a lot of unanswered questions that will be answered in future Marvel properties. 

You can catch the first two episodes of Loki Disney+.

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