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The Mandalorian: Pedro Pascal Teases ‘A Lot Of New Faces’ For Season 3 

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 19,2022

The Book of Boba Fett has now finished airing. And the ending teased infinite possibilities for season 3 of The Mandalorian. This has made fans more excited about what’s to come.

Season 3 began filming last Fall, and there are plans for it to wrap at the end of March when the extended shoot finishes. Lucasfilm has slotted the upcoming season of The Mandalorian for a late 2022 release.

This will ensure that we get to see Mando back sooner than expected. And thankfully, we will get to see Grogu again as well. After all, the little creature chose Mando over being a Jedi, and so he reunited with Din in the last episode of The Book of Boba Fett.

In the last scene of the show, we saw the two of them in the N-1 starfighter, going off on a journey. So the possibilities are endless. In season 3 of Mando’s own show, he will surely be looking to refine his Darksaber skills.

Many fans are hoping that he will also teach Grogu how to fight like a Jedi so that the green guy can, later, be the second Mandalorian Jedi. We need to remember another thing- Mando isn’t a part of his coven anymore.

So he will have to repent if he wants to be seen as a Mandalorian again. As such, it’s hard to predict where season 3 will go. But he has Grogu back and also has a new ship.

As such, it Din looks like he is prepared to handle what’s coming. Now, it’s soon for specifics. But Pedro Pascal has teased what’s coming next in season 3.

Pedro Pascal Talks About Season 3 Of The Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal sat down with German magazine Neelix (interview shared via ScreenRant) and talked about season 3 of The Mandalorian. Here’s what he says he can talk about for the new season:

“Definitely nothing [laughs].”

However, Din Djarin has shared a little tidbit that might be interesting to fans. He says:

“Okay, there will be some familiar faces and there will be a lot of new faces.”

Pascal didn’t go into great detail, but he said that season 3 has a “great story.” Here’s his quote:

“In addition, there is again a lot of action and a really great story. Satisfied?”

What Are The Possibilities For Season 3? 



Season 3 is poised to be massive. Season 2 of the show set the path for the MandoVerse by bringing in iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan Kryze, and Boba Fett.

Ahsoka is starting production in April and it will release in 2023. So there’s a chance that we will see her in season 3 once again before her show premieres.

Also, Sabine Wren, who has already been cast, might be present with the Togruta. This will give Din another person to connect with. Also, Giancarlo Esposito has said that Moff Gideon might come back. So there’s that too.

However, the season will begin with Din redeeming himself for removing his helmet. But maybe he won’t go through with it totally. After all, he has learned that there are more ways to be a Mandalorian.

Leaked set photo of season 3 of The Mandalorian with two doors

Leaked set photo from season 3 of The Mandalorian with two doors

Jon Favreau has also said that they will further explore the helmet rule. So that will probably be a major part of the story. Now, as for the characters who will show up, we can definitely expect to see more Mandalorians.

From the leaked set pics and videos, Mandalorian warriors will be coming together to get back their world. Now, it looks a little early for Mandalore’s restoration. But maybe Din will start getting allies before he conquers the planet.

Of course, there’s also the issue will Grogu be and where the story will take him next. Another important character for season 3 will probably be Bo-Katan. She wants the Darksaber as well. And this time, she is ready to get it through combat.

So it remains to be seen how her story shapes up, especially on the heels of her character probably getting a solo Disney+ show. We guess everything will get revealed when The Mandalorian Season 3 debuts on Disney+ in late 2022.

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