The Mandalorian Theory: Grogu Is The Force Incarnate And He's Manipulating Din Djarin
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The Mandalorian Theory: Grogu Is The Force Incarnate And He’s Manipulating Din Djarin

Two seasons of The Mandalorian didn’t tell us Grogu’s backstory in full. But could he be the manifestation of the Force?

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 1,2023

“The Mandalorian” season 3 will premiere on March 1st and fans cannot wait. The trailers released till now have teased multiple exciting things. A director for season 3 has hinted that this season will be the end of Din Djarin in one way or the other. Giancarlo Esposito has also revealed what’s going on with Moff Gideon. But what about Grogu?

Barely any hints have been given about him except that he uses the force again and probably has a flashback to the night of Order 66. As such, a new theory has come out that states something interesting about Grogu. He might be the incarnation of the Force and he could be manipulating his caretaker. So let us explore this.

Grogu Is The Manifestation Of The Force?



Grogu and Anakin have one similarity apart from being Force users. They both were supposedly born in the same year. Palpatine could have manipulated the Midichlorians to create Anakin and the prophecy. So maybe, the Force made Grogu as a way to balance out the evil act done by Sidious.

After all, we know that Grogu and Yoda’s species don’t reproduce normally. While there were theories about Yaddle being Grogu’s mom but that doesn’t really make sense in the timeline as well as in the plot. Also, even after so many years, we don’t know what species Grogu or Yoda are.

So overall, this could make Grogu the Force incarnate. Taking this theory a bit further, it could also mean that Grogu could use the force to make Mando like him. After all, the way Mando gets attached to Grogu comes across as abrupt. Also, everyone Grogu comes across seems to want to help him. So maybe he is using the force to manipulate them all.

Does This Theory Work?

Mando and Grogu

Mando and Grogu

Since we don’t know the backstory of Grogu or what his purpose is, so the theory of him being a manifestation of the Force could hold water. However, realistically, according to what two seasons of the show has told us, it’s possible that he will walk in the same path as Tarre Vizsla and become the second Mandalorian Jedi.

Since Mando now has the Darksaber so he can train Grogu to use a lightsaber as well. As for whether Grogu is manipulating Din or not, that’s possible. But “The Mandalorian” isn’t that dark a show. In fact, the premise of the show is based on the sincerity of Mando and Grogu’s father-child bond.

As such, since Din himself was an orphan so he initially had sympathy for Grogu that developed into a deeper bond. Also, Grogu is cute and he’s so infantile that it generates an urge to protect in almost everyone he meets. Also, let us not forget that Baby Yoda saved Din’s life from the mudhorn initially as well.

But what do you think of the theory? Let us know.