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Top 10 Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

By Rishabh Shandilya
August 24,2022

The MCU is a master manipulator of audience emotions. Despite the fact that these movies are ostensibly about superheroes battling villains, the MCU has branched out into other types of stories as well.

Instead, the series has mastered the art of making its audience care profoundly about its characters, only to cruelly obliterate their identities in the end. It becomes a bit more painful to see each new MCU film since it has its own unique set of emotional moments that will make you shed a tear.

With that being said, here are top saddest, and most tragic death in the Marvel Universe.

1. The Tragic Death of Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacey’s demise is arguably the most pivotal moments in the history of Marvel universe. For a long time, Peter Parker carried the weight of Gwen’s death by Green Goblin. His lover’s death  both propelled him ahead and shackled him in other ways. Gwen was Parker’s first and genuine love, and her passing definitely marked a critical moment in his life. The whole thing boiled down to a cruel decision.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

Spider-Man makes it to the Bridge, where the Goblin challenges him to choose between his own fate and the fate of the person he loves. Spider-Man fights the Goblin, apparently defeating him, since he refuses to participate in anymore of the Goblin’s shananigans. He rushes over to see how Gwen is doing, but the Goblin flies past and tosses her over the bridge. She is about to fall when Spider-Man fires a webline to catch her, however the sudden jolt kills her. Spider-Man is furious at Gwen’s murder and vowed revenge on the Goblin.

2. Youndu’s Death Really Broke My Heart

Yondu was a fascinating figure in Guardians of the Galaxy, however he got much more screen time in the sequel. After being revealed as Star-Lord’s nefarious alien prisoner, the blue-colored captain finally redeemed his bad history by abandoning his search for the Guardians. After Taserface seized control of his team, he tormented and ridiculed him as punishment.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

Fans really connected with his embarrassing condition of affairs and the depth of his emotions, which had never been witnessed before. Youndo saved Quill, the man he had come to see of as his son, in the decisive fight against Ego.

3. Black Widow’s Death In Endgame

The death of Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame was shocking. Fans were prepared for iconic heroes like Tony and Captain Rogers to lay down their lives for the common good, but no one thought Natasha Romanoff would quit the Avengers.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

Black Widow rejected to see her closest companion die on Vormir when they were both compelled to undertake a sacrifice to retrieve the Soul Stone and reverse the Snap’s effects. While Clint attempted to make the ultimate gesture by jumping in front of Natasha, she prevented him from falling by yanking his hand away.

4. Phil Coulson’s Death In Original Avengers

Although Phil Coulson was typically Nick Fury’s charming sidekick, his death was certainly among the most significant in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Fury was trying to rally the supersquad to stop Loki, Coulson was killed in the attack on the helicarrier that liberated Loki from jail.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

The moment was especially heartbreaking because Fury was yelling at his friend to hang on, and don’t give up. The loss of Coulson, however, galvanized the Superheroes into action. Before then, the heroes had no consensus on how to deal with Loki. When the Avengers’ many personalities started to clash, it seemed as if they were doomed to fail from the start.

5. Heimdall’s Death 

Despite Heimdall’s uneventful death, he left a mark on Marvel’s audience . Loki, pretending to be Odin, exiled Heimdall because he was too strong and faithful to be fooled.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

However, Heimdall did not vanish but remained nearby. When Hela came for Asgard, Heimdall risked his life to lead the people of Asgard to a safer location. His assistance was essential as the people of Asgard sheltered from Hela before making their way to Thor’s spacecraft and a safe haven. In spite of his profound influence on Asgard, Heimdall dies at the beginning of Endgame.

6. Quicksilver’s Death 

Though they started the movie on opposite sides, the two were ultimately driven by their moral compass to join the Avengers in their fight against Ultron and his robotic minions. It appeared as if they were both lifelong members to the Avengers’ squad, and their witty, showy personalities were a perfect match for the team’s. This was only temporary, however, as Pietro ultimately gave his life to rescue Clint Barton and a kid.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

Wanda’s response amplified the tragedy of Pietro’s demise, which was already tragic in the manner that it is always painful to lose a lively, bright personality to an act of selfless self-sacrifice.

7. The All Father’s Death

Upon assuming Odin’s persona to govern Asgard, Loki exiled his dad to New York City. Thor’s first priority upon his arrival was to track for his absent father. The long-lived Odin sat on a rock in Scandinavia when Loki and Thor finally tracked him down. It was clear that their father’s condition had worsened since the last time each son had seen him. He said that his dead wife, Frigga, was pleading with him to come to her. He bid his boys farewell and told them to confront Hela on their own.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

Regardless of how things went, Thor and Loki could always count on their dad. Whatever missteps they took, Odin consistently made certain that his offspring were safe and cared for. It’s tragic that his death has made them so afraid of confronting a new opponent without him.

8. Loki’s Death

The beginning of Infinity War was explosive. Thanos’ vicious personality and overwhelming strength were on full display in the film’s inaugural sequence, when he single-handedly beat Banner and pierced Heimdall as  Thor watched helplessly, powerless to do anything. However, the Crazed Titan had more in store.

Saddest Deaths In Marvel Universe

Eventually calling himself “Odinson,” Loki tries to mislead Thanos into coming closer to attack, setting up the last, gut-wrenching act that proves why the mad Titan is the most evil in the Universe. Thanos, however, is able to see his guise, and snaps his neck with a slow, painful lift. The death of the villain everybody loved reduces Thor to a blubbering wreck as he clings to his brother’s dead corpse.

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