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Why Did Tony Stark Never Use Vibranium To Make His Iron Man Suit

By Ishita Chatterjee
June 26,2021

There are times we have randomly wondered- why didn’t Tony Stark create an Iron Man suit made of vibranium? After all, MCU’s premiere hero was known for his genius. He was the one who was integral in making the time heist during Avengers: Endgame possible. 

So till the end, it was his creations that impacted the franchise. Suffice to say, without Tony Stark a lot of the people who are now alive, would be dead. But initially, his genius was used for all the wrong reasons since the weapons Tony created for the Stark Industries were getting used in wars and against the people he wanted to protect. 

So once he had a near-death experience epiphany in Afghanistan when Ten Rings abducted him, he used his skills differently to make an improved Iron Man armor that let him become the superhero he was. This was Tony’s motivation throughout his entire arc in the MCU. He wanted to help others. 

Iron Man and Black PantherIron

So in a bid to become perfect, the genius billionaire created iron armors that were better than the last. Also, they had to be more advanced since he took on powerful adversaries. But this progression didn’t achieve its natural conclusion- an armor made up of one of the strongest metals found on MCU earth- vibranium. 

So let us find out why Tony never used vibranium in his suits. 

Why Didn’t Tony Use Vibranium To Make His Iron Man Armor? 

An indestructible suit of vibranium could have been made since King T’Challa had taken the step of opening up Wakanda to the world. Also, Tony already had a close relationship with the king of the most advanced nation in the world. So he surely could have asked T’Challa to do a personal favor and bought some vibranium from him.  

Black Panther

However, he didn’t do that even though there was a time before the war began in Infinity War. But Tony had a good reason for not using vibranium. It’s because, as was revealed in WandaVision, vibranium is rare and costly. Vision, whose entire body was made using synthetic flesh and Vibranium cost about $3 billion worth of the Wakandan material. 

The investment was done because his body housed the precious mind stone. And so he needed to be durable. Also, this fits the fact that Vision is supposed to have a body that lasts forever. Meanwhile, Tony went through his iron suits pretty quickly. 

Every time he debuted one onscreen, he got into a battle, and that suit got destroyed. But instead of fixing it, he developed a new one. So if he kept on doing that, then he would need pretty much an endless supply of vibranium to continue this cycle. 

Iron Man

Now, this isn’t sustainable in any way since vibranium is a rare metal and it still belongs to Wakanda. Also, preventing Iron man from using vibranium puts the focus on its rarity and how the substance is used only for the people of Wakanda and Black Panther. So that metal is a part of their identity. 

Less Use Of Vibranium Allows It To Be Rare And Important

Not allowing widespread use of the metal makes it more important and have weight. Till now, only Captain America’s shield, his wings, and Vision was made using vibranium. But moving forward that can change as Pepper Potts’ iron armour called Rescue could use vibranium to make the suit. 

Iron Man

Also, Riri Williams’ Ironheart armor could use vibranium in her suit. Also, it would send a thematic message too since she’s a black young woman. With Iron Man now dead and the Infinity saga over, the MCU is currently focusing on telling standalone stories for the time being with Black Panther 2’s new title, Wakanda Forever. 

The title hints at the fact that it will explore the country which is ruled by T’Challa. One aspect that could be explored was how the country was opening up and just how much vibranium was going to get shared with the rest of the world. But overall, it will certainly be endlessly exciting to know more about the culture and politics of a country that was hidden from view for so long. 

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